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this website is a plattform for a large variety of content about and around art and architecture. it contains personal information, documents the recent work and shows past projects of richdank.
it is under permanent construction.
welcome. and enjoy yourself while trying to find your way through this site.


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CUSTOMIZED PRODUCTS with a variety of designs
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program, draw, head |:lines:|
teaching different master's degree programmes
for the department of media and design
seminars during winter semester 22/23
at the university of applied sciences

wood robotics
digitalization, industry 4.0 and robotics
expert in the eu-initiated leader-project
research and qualification measures from november 2018 to june 2022
press conference on wed|190306|1000
grasshopper workshop on thu|190606 and thu|190613
rhino vs rso 101 on thu|200123|1600
rso workshop on thu|200220 and fri|200221
rhino workshop on thu|200312 and fri|200313
rhino advanced workshop on thu|220421 and fri|220422
hiz convention - digital technologies in the wood industry on thu|220615
at the holzinnovationszentrum and the engineering center wood

auxiliary, backdrop, choreography
teaching different master's degree programmes
for the department of media and design
seminars during winter semester 21/22
at the university of applied sciences

almost two hours of live rendered algorithmic animations
forming the 100m2 stage for the kulturjahr 2020 closing event
commissioned and hosted by the theater im bahnhof
gala on tue|210907 1830
at the kasematten
or online to rewatch the stream

steiermark schau
showing styria - the regional exhibition
how it is
including several works from the timelapse-series
exhibition from sat|210410 to sun|211031
at the volkskundemuseum

first1, 2draw, app4
teaching different master's degree programmes
for the department of media and design
seminars during winter semester 20/21
at the university of applied sciences

python generated arrays
compiling algortihmic tools for creation
teaching networked design processes
seminars during winter semester 20/21
at the institute of architecture and media

persistent and inconspicuous processes of exchange
space and sound installation
an algorithmic segment and part of kulturjahr 2020
opening on fri|200731|1900
exhibition from sat|200801 to thu|200906
at the esc media art lab

villa voon
translating the concepts for strohecker architects
from the individualized design process to the production machining code
exhibited at the lebensraum 2019
distinguished with
the iconic award 2019 from the german design council, best of best, innovative architecture
and dna - paris design awards 2020, winner, green architecture

bits, pixels, voxels
teaching different master's degree programmes
for the department of media and design
seminars during winter semester 18/19
at the university of applied sciences

amalgamation of municipalities
contribution to bodenstaendig
opening on sat|190914|1900
lecture by gerlind weber on wed|191002|1900 at the hda
screening erde by nikolaus geyrhalter on sat|191005|1930
exhibition from fri|190915 to sun|191103
at kunsthaus muerz

t2p v0.6
interactive applications
for riegl laser measurement systems
at the intergeo 2019

2^0, 2^1, 2^2
teaching different master's degree programmes
for the department of media and design
seminars during winter semester 18/19
at the university of applied sciences

t2p v0.4
interactive applications
for riegl laser measurement systems
at the intergeo 2018

mal mir den himmel!
touchscreen appropriation for the exhibition
at the bruck castle

some math, some graph, some code
teaching different master's degree programmes
for the department of media and design
seminars during winter semester 17/18
at the university of applied sciences

agile lamps
making dmx-addressable led-lights also spatially adjustable - with servos
workshop from mon|160425 to fri|160429
at the institute of architecture and media

ein klima-klang-portraet
a floating topography in sensor-modulated 42-channel-sound
experience climate data immersively and interactively
opening on fri|141107|1900
exhibition from sat|141108 to sat|141129
vorort - the artists round on tue|141125|1900
anemone actiniaria - finissage with concert on sat|141129|1730
at the forum stadtpark

graz open architecture 14
end-of-the-year reviews
with a live connection to the auarla
exhibition and summer party on fri|140704 1000
at the campus alte technik

celebrating 10 years iam
and grand (re)opening of the augmented architecture laboratory
presentation and party on wed|140521 1800
at the institute of architecture and media

responsive art in the public realm
sonification of climate data
workshop from wed|140507 to thu|140515
exhibition opening fri|141107
at the forum stadtpark

market changes - market chances
zukunftstag der steirischen wirtschaft
congress and exhibition on wed|140514
at the stadthalle graz

at the lebensraum 2014
with pallantis, the algorithmic chandelier
industry's evening on fri|140314
fair from sat|140315 to sun|140316
at the messe graz

the factory that is making itself
roglab's exhibition of prototypes
opening on thu|131219|1900
exhibition from fri|131220 to thu|140116
at the breg22 gallery in ljubljana

pixxelpoint 2013
festival from fri|131129 to fri|131206
at the kulturni dom nova gorica

manufactured with robots
the production of architecture with industrial manipulators
part of the eu robotics week
open house on fri|131129 1000 to 1600
at the abb robot lab / tu graz

mix and match
innovation in wood
with the framed pavilion and the algorithmic chandelier
symposium and exhibition on thu|131128|1500
at the hiz zeltweg

monomaterialisation of rog
workshop from wed|131013 to fri|131015
at roglab in ljubljana

talking about the algorithmic chandelier
and its implementation in rhino/grasshopper
lecture on wed|131016|1300
at the tu graz

generic cnc
on robots and 3d printers
innovation and design in traditional handicraft products
an eisenerz*art and shift-x project
symposium from thu|130822 to fri|130823
at the rostfest in eisenerz

25 years hda
celebrating the opening of austria's oldest architecture venue in 1988
illuminated by the algorithmic chandelier
gala and party on wed|130612|1900
at the house of architecture graz

selected projects from the architecture faculty of tu graz
in the designmonat graz
including the algorithmic chandelier
opening on tue|130528|1900
exhibition from wed|130529 to fri|130607
at the house of architecture graz

responsive art in the public realm
interactive interventions
workshop from mon|130408 to sat|130412
with the bix facade of the kunsthaus graz

der andere raum
lichtfassaden und ihre gestaltungsmacht
lecture and round table on mon|130304|1900
at space04, kunsthaus graz

an algorithmic chandelier
at the ball der technik 2013
official presentation on fri|130125|2100
at the congress graz

multitude manifestations of rog
3d-materializing with site-specific interactions
workshop from thu|130110 to sat|130112
at roglab in ljubljana

boot the bot
java-based simulation, code generator and live controller for abb robots
at the iccri 2012 - international conference on control, robotics and informatics
conference from sat|121229 to sun|121230
at the regal oriental in hong kong

the framed pavilion
modeling and producing complex systems in architectural education
at the robarch 2012 - robotic fabrication in architecture, art and design
workshops from fri|121214 to sun|121216
conference from mon|121217 to tue|121218
at the vienna university of technology and academy of fine arts vienna

an interactive 3d visualization
for faktum ist
exhibition from wed|120613|1900 to thu|120905 at the hda
part of the regionale12

by all means
analogue/digital experimental settings
digital techniques and tools influence analysis, concepts, simulation and production and thus the prospects of architecture itself...
concepting and co-curating (together with marjan colletti and wolfgang tschapeller) for the haus der architektur graz
including the framed pavilion and the chinese ink painting robot
mit allen mitteln - exhibition from thu|120329|1900 to fri|120511 at the hda
filmabend diagonale - screenings on thu|120419|1900 at the hda
sir peter cook - lecture on tue|120508|1900 at the hoersaal 1 tu graz
should buildings grow/adapt/repair themselves? and if so, why not? - panel discussion on wed|120509|1800 at the needle kunsthaus graz


besides other academic projects you might concider taking a look at the conducted master design studios at the institute of architecture and media:
augmented styria desk | atlas: zersiedelung steiermark | architecture/video/net/theory
programming irb 140 | papier paint | architecture/objects/graphics/video/net/theory
parametrics/joints constructed/designed by/in robots/wood | bot/log | architecture/video/theory
algorithmic chandeliers | kronleuchter | architecture/objects/video/net/theory
augmented architecture laboratory | auarla | architecture/objects/video/net/theory

plus works from the office:
architecture by diag and richdank
state-of-the-art collaborative website in the field of architectural design
internationally exhibited, published and awarded.


videoclips on architecture | timelapse | architecture/video
published, exhibited and awarded | peaa | architecture/objects/graphics/video/net/theory
see the new portfolio v15.2 and visit the always up-to-date vitae.


apropos, take a look at the randomly featured project:
an urban concept for feldbach | der weg als asymptote | architecture/graphics/net


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