researching and teaching
on several architecture related fields
at the graz university of technology.

architecture/objects/graphics/video/net/theory   2000-15

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Expertise : Algorithmic Architectures

Institute : of Architecture and Media

dm2 20w  structures4  http://iam.tugraz.at/dm2/w20/
wks 16s  luminary  http://iam.tugraz.at/workshop16s/
dm2 14w  Dialog  http://iam.tugraz.at/dm2/w14/
studio 13w  AuArLa  http://iam.tugraz.at/studio/w13/
dm2 13w  Potyomkinskiye derevni  http://iam.tugraz.at/dm2/w13/
studio 12w  Kronleuchter  http://iam.tugraz.at/studio/w12/
dm2 12w  LAB.YRINTH  http://iam.tugraz.at/dm2/w12/
studio 11w  bot/log  http://iam.tugraz.at/studio/w11/
dm2 11w  PARCOURS AVENTURE  http://iam.tugraz.at/dm2/w11/
studio 10w  papier peint  http://iam.tugraz.at/studio/w10/
dm2 10w  transAlp  http://iam.tugraz.at/dm2/w10/
studio 10s  Atlas: Zersiedelung Steiermark  http://iam.tugraz.at/studio/s10/
dm2 09w  cubic cubes  http://iam.tugraz.at/dm2/w09/
dm2 09s  HIMMEL + HOELLE  http://iam.tugraz.at/dm1/s09b/
dm2 08w  TUERME.n  http://iam.tugraz.at/dm1/w08/
dm1 07w  IT FROM BIT  http://iam.tugraz.at/dm1/w07/
dm0 07s  calculated mushrooms  http://iam.tugraz.at/dm0/s07/
dm1 06w  IT FROM BIT*  http://iam.tugraz.at/dm1/w06/
dm0 06s  calculated flowers  http://iam.tugraz.at/dm0/s06/
dm1 03w  gaming*  http://iam.tugraz.at/dm1/s04/
dm0 03s  calculated bananas  http://iam.tugraz.at/dm0/s03/
dm0 02w  towards archimedean solids  http://iam.tugraz.at/dm0/w02/
gledv 01w  fake  http://www.fake.tugraz.at/