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first richdank betas went online in 1995. finally on sat|960203 release candidate 1.0 was uploaded. version 2.1 moved to the current domain on wed|000801. the official 3.0 relauch took place on sat|011215, 4.0 with new navigation modes optimized for desktops and mobile devices on tue|120612. 5.0 facelift was introduced on wed|160512 to improve visitor experience including the preselection page and the device-optimized digest 4a (algorithmic art and architecture).
ever since then the complete website is being permanently updated, expanded and enhanced. the actual front-end version 5.5 dates back to mon|200420 - most recent content update took place on wed|211020.

descendant of xarch.info, hosted by reinisch.at, provided by mur.at.
props and thankyous to diag, w and wewo.

text and audio-visual material on this website was produced by richdank, otherwise credits are denoted. still, few pictures have no or unverified source information. this means that they have unknown copyright status!
besides, we are not responsible for external content.

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apart from the link to the external webshop, richdank.com opens with the preselection page to choose one of the four main sections:

fast facts in english and german.
device-optimized digest of the 4a-services provided and the algorithmic art and architecture designed.

the workclusters.
a group of pages graphically representing different headlining workclusters and providing links to several projects.

the book.
see the 96-page portfolio (from february 2015) as an online preview or download the complete pdf in various versions.

the complete story.
the website's very large section with fully detailed information about the work and vitae of [ richdank ].

the layout of the latter section, richdank, the complete story - where you are now - is basically devided into two parts: the navigation and the content.
at startup the complete navigation should be on top of your page. but you can also move it to a seperate window called navigationbar - just toggle TOPNAV | NAVBAR in the displaymenu. the content output can also be switched between WINDOW | IFRAME there. with ICON | TEXT and DARK | FAIR you can choose among different additional options. if you are using mobile devices not all presentation modes will be available.
in the same line on the right you'll also find five shortcuts to ? (the help) here, to shop (for goodies & merch), to v15.2 (the 96-page portfolio), to headliner (the workclusters), to 4a (algorithmic art and architecture) and back to >> (the preselection page).

now, the mainmenu is grouped in several categories within the stylized box brackets:
code2arch | news and sugar cubes
recent | work in progress
portfolio | listing all independent projects and collaborations
links | external recommendations
biography | vitae, pictures, contact and imprint

if you decide to use the external navigationbar ... as long as it stays open you can browse the net in your contentwindow. you may even close it and return to any topic on richdank.com by using the mainmenu. if you shut the navigationbar manually you should click TOPNAV again to regain full control via the mainmenu above your contentwindow.

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