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4A en
Fast Facts in English.

Device-optimized digest of the »4A« services provided and the »Algorithmic Art And Architecture« designed by Richard Dank.

4A de
Kurzinfos in Deutsch.

Endgerätoptimierte Übersicht der von Richard Dank angebotenen »4A« Dienstleistungen und der konzipierten Algorithmischen Kunst und Architektur (»Algorithmic Art And Architecture«).

The Workclusters.

A group of pages graphically representing different headlining workclusters and providing links to several projects.

The Book.

See the 96-page portfolio (from February 2015) as an online preview or download the complete PDF in various versions.

Goodies & Merch.

Buy customized 4A-themed products from our partner's European or American Store.

The Complete Story.

Please proceed to the website's very large section with fully detailed information about the work and vitae of [ richdank ].

Algorithmic Art And Architecture   [ richdank ]