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On the one hand the condensed initialism »4A« stands for Richard Dank's primary focus of activities - namely »Algorithmic Art And Architecture«.

But taken as homophonous abbreviation it may and should also be interpreted as »for architects« respectively »for artists«. Beside independent design proposals, a multitude of projects were developped in collaboration or as commissioned work for others.

Data flow diagram of The Framed Pavilion by Richard Dank and Christian Freißling (2012, Modeling and Producing Complex Systems, Rob|Arch: Robotic Fabrication in Architecture, Art and Design)

Algorithmic Art And Architecture

emphasizes on computational creativity and knowledge engineering in the field of art and architecture.

The main objectives are the:
* Development of processes to augment architectural design and urban planning.
* Definition of intelligent, computable models for artistic/architectural approaches.
* Automatic generation of variations on multiple objects, features and structures.
* Integration of input via sensors and interaction with the users on- and offline.

Or citing Fabian Scheurer (2007, Getting complexity organized, Automation in Construction): »The designer will no longer detail the form of a design, but will design the process which generates the details.«

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